Unisex Fitness Belt

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The Tecnomed fitness belt is presently one of the best waist trimmers in the world suitable for use in and outside of the gym.
You can wear your Tecnomed belt throughout your workout to shape, reduce and protect your silhouette.
Loose unwanted inches around your waistline through targeted perspiration over your abdomen , waist and back all the while protecting your core and lower back.

- Adjusts to body movements at all times.
- Soft, flexible and comfortable.
- Highly Compressive for waist training
- Helps prevent muscle injury whilst lifting weights.
- Reduce unwanted inches in a short time.
- Tecnomed`s unique design emphasises proper alignment in your core muscles.
- Reduces strain on lower back.
- Enhances your workout.
- Can be used outside of the gym as an everyday waist trainer
- Adjustable for gradual waist training